Nico nico nii! Yazawa Nico desu!

Here is the information about Nico Yazawa-Chan: Nico Yazawa.

I think that I'll use this website to put my drawing and maybe some manga slides. I'm not professional, I don't have any experience, so these won't be too good. Hopefully someone enjoys them, though.

Here's how you can add an image:

Why it'll take a long time for drawings or manga pages to come out:

My first picture should be coming out soon (last updated: 9 January, 2021.)

A fun tab for some things I find interesting and fun. Maybe you'll like it, you can check it out here: Fun stuff.

A tab regarding privacy. This is extremely important and I encourage all to read this: Privacy

The tab for my manga, including information and pages: Manga.

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